Delivering the World a Future – One Tree at a Time

Picture of sunlight shining through trees

A few weeks ago, Jason came through from the warehouse delivering a huge pile of paper.


This was, he claimed, all the ‘proof-of-delivery’ notes from the past week, and it was breaking his in-tray! After some cheery banter with Caroline and Mark about the amount of filing there was, the conversation turned serious. Why, in 2019, are we still delivering using paper delivery notes? How many trees are we using every year for such a short-term need? Think how much waste there is in this process!


So, a quick google search later revealed that we use between 2 and 4 trees a year (opinions vary!) just on printing delivery notes.


How could we stop this? Well, the obvious answer was to use technology, and for this we would need to do a lot of research. We needed something that would save paper, but it needed to be simple for our customers, and integrate with all our existing systems we use to keep delivering impeccable customer service.


Picture of delivery vans


And… we nailed it! Using google maps, a mobile phone, an awesome little app and a good dose of technical wizardry we have saved the world some trees. Our new software now means we no longer print any local delivery paperwork, and massively reduce our paper consumption. What is really cool, (and this was the technical bit) is we now map every order and delivery, and optimise routing based on proximity, fuel efficiency and customer requirements. As well as improving our service to you, this substantially reduces fuel consumption. So it aces for the trees, it aces for the environment, and it aces service for you!


We’ll keep you posted with updates on more ways we are reducing our environmental impact. And don’t forget to watch out for your local ‘driver with an app’!