STERIBAC Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner


Disinfectants used in catering and food industries must comply to British Standard European Norm (BSEN) BSEN1276 or BSEN13697.


It is important to be aware that not all household brands of sanitisers sold in supermarkets comply with British Standards and therefore are not recommended for use in a commercial environment.


Sanitisers must pass these extensive tests before they can be approved for use on food contact surfaces and equipment.


The BSEN1276 surface disinfectant test assesses the effectiveness of the product under controlled clean and dirty conditions.

STERIBAC is a BSEN1276 approved bacterial kitchen cleaner and one of Enviroclean’s best-selling products. STERIBAC is designed for use in the food industry, therefore, is food safe and non-tainting. The product is commonly used for kitchens, bakeries, restaurant tables, chilled displays, fridges and freezers, food storage areas and wherever sanitary conditions are essential. The product is listed as an approved product on many council lists and is registered on as an appropriate disinfectant for commercial kitchen use. STERIBAC is also recognised and recommended by many Environmental Health Officers due to the minimal contact time. For many common sanitisers, the contact time can be around four minutes which is far too long particularly when working in a busy kitchen. However, STERIBAC is 30 seconds.

STERIBAC kills 99.999% bacteria including MRSA and E. coli. The laboratory test results are displayed below, these show that the product has been tested in both clean and dirty conditions and against various microorganisms.

Test Results

Table 1: Test Summary

Table 2: Laboratory Test Results

As with all out chemical products, Enviroclean offer full COSHH and MSDS data sheets free of charge for STERIBAC. This information can be found on our online ordering portal sitesupply or available upon request, please contact a member of the Enviroclean team on 01324 665050.

STERIBAC is a Beaver chemical product and Enviroclean are the only stockists of this brand within the UK. The disinfectant has the Enviroclean environmentally friendly symbol, which means that this chemical has been manufactured with consideration for the environment. If you would like to know more about our environmental considerations please read our previous blog here.

Directions: Spray onto the surface. Leave for 10-30 seconds contact time for biocidal action. Wipe clean with a paper towel. Allow to air dry.


HEALTH & SAFETY: Observe common sense precautions when handling chemicals. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. After use rinse hands thoroughly. Keep out of reach of children.

If you feel STERIBAC could be suitable for your organisation please contact a member of the Enviroclean team today, on 01324 665050 or email